Margaret Zwart

Margaret Zwart

As the current councillor and a resident of Ward 4, I pledge to continue to be a strong advocate for my residents.

With Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster (L) and Don Rickard (R) at Jean Rickard’s 100th Birthday Celebration held on August 21, 2022.

For the past 4 years, it has been my privilege and honour to serve as the Local Councillor for Clarington’s Ward 4, representing the communities of Newcastle, Orono, Newtonville, Brownsville, Leskard, Port Granby and the surrounding rural areas. With your support, I would love to do the same for the next 4 years. 


As former publisher/editor of the local indepen­dent newspaper, Margaret is well versed on the issues facing this community. Having covered local council for 21 years prior to running in the 2018 election, Margaret is in a good position to represent Ward 4 at town hall. She is steeped in the community, having worked alongside Ward 4 residents on the many causes important to the area.

Margaret's re-election bid is endorsed by outgoing Local 2 Councillor Ron Hooper and former Ward 4 Councillor Wendy Partner.

As a local resident and former business owner I feel I have effectively represented you this past 4 years. Capitalizing on my knowledge of the community, having published the Orono Weekly Times for 21 years prior to seeking election in 2018, I feel I have what it takes to be an effective councillor.

My positions held prior to election were:

  • Publisher/editor of the Orono Weekly Times (1997 – 2018)
  • Past Business Improvement Area President
  • Founding member of Orono’s Community Collective
  • Ontario Community Newspaper Association board director

Positions held while in office:

  • Member of the Newcastle Community Hall Board
  • Member of the Newcastle Arena Board
  • Member of the Agricultural Advisory Committee
  • Member of the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority
  • Council liaison to the Emergency Services Dept.
Driving one of the Emergency Department’s electric vehicles in the Newcastle Canada Day Drive-by parade.

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I look forward to representing you in the next 4 years.

I will continue to advocate for the right development in the right place, recognizing the importance of preserving our valuable farmland for food production.

Work towards providing more affordable housing.

Support the important small business sector.

I will continue work to champion initiatives that reduce our reliance on greenhouse gasses.

Seek the protection of environmentally sensitive areas while recognizing a farmer’s right to farm their land.

I will continue to be available to my constituents, assist in navigating town hall to resolve issues in a timely manner.

I will continue to champion local causes and assisting our volunteer boards and committees who work tirelessly to make this municipality the best it can be.

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